Terms Of Use  &  Refund / Replacement Policy:


Surgisell - kindersurge private limited is  a registered private company run by personnel experienced in medical field . we  strive to provide goods quality baby products and surgical  products of medical standard to our customers and make online shopping comfortable at home with genuine pricing . Customer placing / buying the order  online through website or android app means any individual or business organization that legally operates in India  has the right to use the product and services provided by KinderSurge pvt ltd.(Surgisell)


By registering with the Website or app , you can access or view the prices, offers , product information , and purchase orders electronically. You are responsible for using the Website in a secure manner. We will not be liable for any loss caused from any unauthorized account access resulting from your actions, like failed log out of the account or sharing your account password . company  reserves the right to refuse registration or cancel an account at any time if  found fake or illegal .


Please read through the company policy on refunds & returns before ordering any product online . baby products can be chosen according to the needs of the baby ( kindly note the age of the baby before ordering any product) . each product has product info given below to confirm the uses of the products . if you have any queries on any product / clarification on its uses – feel free to reach us in whats up number ( 1234567890)  given in the website.


Surgical products should be ordered only on the advice of your doctor if it can be used . The surgical products listed in the website & app have adequate information on the content & uses. All the products are single use disposables , hence should be ordered judiciously. Basic home care surgical products like first aid kit should be kept out of reach from children . specific surgical product needs to be ordered by medical / paramedical personnel only . any new surgical product available in the market will be updated in the website / app periodically . any specific needs can be entertained by reaching out to us via whats up or email . For regular buying to chronic bedridden or postoperative patients / or bulk buying to hospital / institutions  can be entertained by writing to us order@surgisell.com .  No refund will be entertained after opening the package .



However, in case you face any issues with the product(s) for replacement , you can write to us at order@surgisell.com and we will try our best to resolve your issue at the earliest.


The Company shall entertain returns only in below-mentioned cases:


1. Receipt of short-expiry product – 1month before expiry date

2. Receipt of product(s) damaged in transit

3. Receipt of product having manufacturing defect


Please follow the instructions given below to validate the product replacement:

  • Do not accept your order if you receive a tampered consignment as evident from the packaging.
  • After opening the consignment , if you find that the product is damaged in transit / manufacturing defect , then fill in the google form given.
  • No replacement will be entertained if the form is uploaded later than 3 hrs of receiving the product .
  • Size variations in surgical product is entirely the customer responsibility – no refund / replacement will be entertained if the pack is opened  .
  • Google form link
  • Not less than 3 hours from the receipt of the order-  click the photo of the damaged product  & product label and upload in google form .
  • send a copy of the product with mentioned damage / product label / grievances to our email id: order@surgisell.com with the order number and the invoice number.
  • Once we receive the email, an investigation may be initiated at our end.
  • After the investigation, if the issue raised is validated , we will make arrangements to dispatch a new product subject to the availability of the stock.
  • If the stock is not available, then a coupon or credit note will be issued which you can redeem in your next purchase.
  • Please note that Our team  courier partner will collect the product and you are not required to pay for any additional shipping fees in such a case of reshipment.
    Refund Link Click Here :  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlHZCOPHYwjd9YM6xzXWKWCMMskAZ4FjHYB4LIpMS3CoqWzg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&pli=1